Policies & Hours at Club Westside - Houston's Family Sports Fitness Club
Club Westside - Houston's Family Sports Fitness Club

Club Policies and Hours

Where time together is priceless

Club Westside is dedicated to being Houston’s premier private family club by providing world class facilities, programs and services for our members.

Hours of Operation

Club Facilities Hours:  Monday–Friday 5 am – 10 pm
Saturday–Sunday  8 am – 8 pm
Holiday Hours: Thanksgiving Day  Closed
Christmas Eve  8 am – 6 pm
Christmas Day  Closed
New Year’s Eve  8 am – 6 pm
Restaurant Monday–Friday  11 am – 9 pm (Food service until 8:30 pm)
Saturday–Sunday  10:30 am – 8 pm (Food service until 7:30 pm)
Adult Sports Lounge: Monday–Friday  4 pm – 10 pm
(Bar Service) Saturday–Sunday  11 am – 8 pm
Nursery: Monday–Friday  8 am – 9 pm
Saturday–Sunday  8 am – 8 pm
Thanksgiving Day  Closed
Christmas Eve & New Year’s Eve  8 am – 6 pm
Family Zone Hours: Monday–Friday  10 am – 9 pm
Saturday–Sunday  9 am – 8 pm
Sports Zone (Supervised)
Non-Summer Hours: Monday–Friday  4 pm – 9 pm
Saturday–Sunday  9 am – 8 pm
Summer Hours: Monday–Friday  9 am – 10 pm
Saturday–Sunday  9 am – 8 pm
Pool Hours: Monday–Friday  5 am – 9 pm Lap & Adult Pool
Saturday–Sunday  8 am – 8 pm Lap & Adult Pool
Monday–Friday  9 am – 9 pm Resort Pool
Saturday–Sunday  9 am – 8 pm Resort Pool
Lifeguard Coverage: Monday–Friday  10 am – 9 pm Resort Pool
Saturday–Sunday  10 am – 8 pm Resort Pool

Club hours may vary by facility and activity. Please see specific page for more hourly information.

Club Usage

Access to Club Westside is limited to members only. Memberships are available on an individual, couple or family basis. Special events, repairs and/or maintenance of some facilities may make necessary for the club to restrict use of one or more of the facilities or temporarily close the Club and dues are not reduced or suspended during the time when one or more of the facilities are not available. Special events, repairs and/or maintenance of some facilities may make necessary for the club to restrict use of one or more of the facilities or temporarily close the Club and dues are not reduced or suspended during the time when one or more of the facilities are not available. The monthly dues vary based on the type of membership. The club reserves the right to increase initiation fees and dues at its discretion. The obligation to pay dues is not dependent on the availability of all the club’s facilities. Special events, repairs and/or maintenance of some facilities may make necessary for the club to restrict use of one or more of the facilities or temporarily close the Club and dues are not reduced or suspended during the time when one or more of the facilities are not available. Members’ dues are billed monthly in advance. A (thirty) 30-day written notice is required to cancel membership to the club. Once a membership is cancelled, a full initiation fee is required to re-join. The club does not offer any form of “membership freeze”. Members are expected to pay dues year round regardless of club usage. Memberships are non-transferable. Westside Tennis & Fitness is doing business as Club Westside.

Individual Membership

An Individual Membership shall be applicable only to the designated individual. Spouse and children, if applicable, shall not be entitled to the rights and privileges of this membership, except as guests, subject to guest policies. An individual membership is for persons eighteen (18) years and older.

Couple Membership

A Couple Membership shall be applicable to two individuals in a family, either a spouse or a dependent child up to twenty-four (24) years of age.

Family Membership

A Family Membership provides club access to all members of the immediate family, including a spouse and dependent children, living at the same address, up to age twenty-four (24). Upon a dependent child’s twenty-fourth (24th) birthday, they may transfer to an individual membership without an initiation fee and incur individual dues beginning the following month. It is up to the parent or dependent member to notify the club within thirty (30) days of their twenty-fourth (24th) birthday.

Membership Charges and Billing

Club Westside provides membership charge privileges to all members. All dependents are afforded club charge privileges unless notified through club services in writing. We do not accept cash for club services, but do accept member account charges, credit and debit cards. E-cash cards are available through club services allowing for limits on dependents’ club charges. All members are issued membership cards upon enrollment. Membership cards must be presented for any club charges and current photos must be on file. Members are charged a three dollar ($3) fee for replacement membership cards. Statements are processed on a calendar month basis. On the first (1st) of each month, membership dues for the current month are applied, as well as all charges incurred for club services during the previous month. All memberships are required to have automatic payment by EFT (electronic funds transfer) through checking or savings accounts or credit card. If the member chooses to use a credit card, there is an additional seven dollars ($7) fee per month for processing. The full amount of the statement is deducted on the fifteenth (15th) of each month. Members must maintain current status on membership charges to retain membership and enjoy club privileges. Members are required to notify the club of any changes to credit card or checking accounts that may prevent the monthly billing from processing on time. The club charges late fees and return fees for accounts that cannot be processed due to insufficient funds or change of account status.

Cancellation of any Club Westside programs, services and/or court reservations must be made at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance. Failure to do so will result in the full charge being assessed to the membership account.

Members may dispute specific charges for up to thirty (30) days following the bill date. Disputes must be brought to the club accounting department before the tenth (10th) of each month to have the dispute corrected, once verified, on the current EFT draft. Any disputes after the tenth (10th) are adjusted on the membership account to be processed against the next billing cycle.

Code of Conduct

Members must act in a respectful and safe manner at all times while at the club. Slurs, innuendos, racial comments or degrading remarks of club staff or other members may result in termination of club membership. Westside expects all members to partake in alcoholic consumption responsibly. Members acting irresponsibly, improper or disrespectful will or can result in club membership termination. Abuse or vandalism of any kind to club facilities will result in immediate membership cancellation.

Dress Code

Proper attire is required at all times while on club property. Shirt and shoes are required to enter the Clubhouse. Swimsuit attire is allowed poolside only. Tennis attire at Club Westside requires men to wear shirts (no tank tops) and women to have their midriff covered. Tennis shoes are required on all courts. No slippers, flip flops or swimwear is allowed on tennis courts. Swimwear must be appropriate for a family club and no “thong” swim suits are permitted. Shirts are required to be worn at all times while on the property, including the athletic field, basketball court and tennis courts. Sport tops are only allowed in group exercise classes. No cleats are allowed on the athletic field. Shorts must be appropriate length and no shorts or pants may be worn low on hips or any undergarments showing.

Guest Policies

Club Westside welcomes you to invite your friends and family to enjoy the club with you. As a private membership club we have established guest policies to ensure fairness to all of our members. The club charges a fee for each individual who visits as a guest of a club member. All guests must present a completed guest pass to enter club grounds. Members must obtain guest passes in advance, and guests must be accompanied by the club member while on premise. All guest passes must be completed with guest information and presented to the guard at the entrance. Guest policies apply to restaurant guests as well. Individuals may only be a guest of the club three (3) times per year. Guests must abide by all club rules and regulations. Out of town relatives and friends staying in the home of a member will be issued a complimentary guest pass for a limited period of time, provided such guest(s)’ primary residence is more than fifty (50) miles from the club.

Guests under the age of ten (10) years old must be supervised by an adult member at all times. Westside does not permit guests to participate in club programs that require charges or fees. Guests are allowed to use club facilities with the member that are available on a complimentary basis. Guests may not participate in group exercise, fitness classes or club programming or events unless passes are provided for the class by the membership department or group exercise directors. Special events for our members throughout the year are excluded events for guests. Guest passes will specify these events.

Members may not bring outside trainers or coaches into the facilities as guests to perform services.

Baby/Kid Care Center

Club Westside offers a complimentary care service for you to leave your child while enjoying the club. Children left in the nursery must be members listed on the parents’ membership. Our center provides a safe environment and staff to watch over the children. With the exception of special circumstances, the nursery is for children ages four (4) weeks to seven (7) years. Children must be checked in and out of the nursery. Please note that this is not a day care center, and we request that members not expect the staff to “bottle-feed” infants, as there are numerous children in the nursery. Children in diapers must have a diaper bag left in the nursery with diapers and wipes. Please do not leave children that are “potty training” in the nursery without a change of clothes or pull-ups. Children may not be left in the nursery unless a parent is on the property at all times. Please do not have children bring their own games or toys to the nursery. Small snacks that are peanut-free may be put in the child’s bag. No prepared food is allowed from home or other outside food establishments due to health code policies.


Dependents may be accompanied at the club by a nanny. The nanny must be registered through the Membership office and may supervise the dependent(s) while on club premises, but may not participate in any programs or personal usage of the facilities. Nanny membership access cards must be renewed every six months with the Membership Department.

Food & Beverage

Our club restaurants are for membership enjoyment. Due to food and beverage health regulations, no outside food, beverage or coolers are allowed onto the club grounds. Alcoholic beverages are served to members and guests age twenty-one (21) years and older. Club Westside reserves the right to ask for proper identification from any person requesting alcoholic beverages and has the right to refuse alcohol to inebriated persons. In accordance with TABC regulations, no alcoholic beverage may be taken off of the club premises and no alcoholic beverages may be brought into the club facility for consumption. If a member or their guest brings alcoholic beverages onto the club property it will result in membership termination.


The sport of tennis is traditional in many respects and there are certain standards of etiquette that Westside chooses to maintain. Players and spectators are expected to maintain low voices and no shouting out of courtesy for other nearby players. If practicing or teaching young children, parents are asked to use courts that are not adjacent to other players whenever possible to avoid balls rolling onto neighboring courts and disrupting play. A complete set of tennis rules and code of conduct for play is available at www.usta.com.

Tennis Court Reservations

Indoor Courts – All indoor courts require reservations and a fee. The indoor courts may be reserved in time increments of thirty (30) minutes. Reservations are available up to seventy-two (72) hours in advance. Indoor courts may be booked on a “block time” basis. Block time guarantees the court for a certain time on the same day and time each week. Block time must be booked on a yearly or quarterly basis. Reservations can be made at the front desk, online or by phone.

Outdoor Courts – Outdoor courts are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Courts must be assigned at the Front Desk in the clubhouse lobby. Outdoor courts may be booked for one-and-a half (1.5) hours maximum. The courts may not be booked until fifteen (15) minutes prior to tennis play. If all courts in the club are booked, the next available time slot will be made for the members waiting to play. To extend an outdoor court for additional time past the one-and-a half (1.5) hour limit, members must return to the Front Desk to book the court, as there may be others waiting for tennis play.

Ball Machine Lanes – The ball machine lanes may be reserved by members on a one hour basis at the Front Desk, online or by phone up to three (3) days in advance. The ball machine and ball machine lanes are for members use only.

Group Exercise Classes

Group exercise classes are available for our members on a complimentary basis. Guests are not permitted to participate in a group exercise class, unless a coupon for the group exercise class is obtained through the front desk or the group exercise department.

Fitness Center

The Fitness Center at Club Westside is for members eighteen (18) years and older. Members aged fourteen-seventeen (14-17) years must be certified to utilize the Fitness Center. No member under eighteen (18) years of age may use free weight equipment unless accompanied by a Club Westside certified personal trainer. Please show courtesy when using for cardio equipment and limit use to thirty (30) minutes when others are waiting. Equipment must be wiped off after each use with disinfectant wipes provided by the club throughout the facility.


Club Westside has multiple pool locations which are temperature controlled. The club pools are open during club hours and are manned by lifeguards from Memorial Day until the start of the school year. Lifeguard hours are posted poolside and are: 10 am – 9 pm, Monday–Friday; 10 am – 8:00 pm, Saturday–Sunday.

The Adult Pool adjacent to the clubhouse is for members and guests twenty-one (21) years of age and older. Adult pool temperature is set at 84˚F.

The Lap Pool is for lap swimmers and club programming that may include instruction or group classes. No play of any type is allowed in this pool. No lifeguard is on duty at the lap pool at any time. Lap pool temperature is set at 79˚F.

The Resort Pool is for members and guests of all ages, however, children under eight (8) years of age are not permitted at any Club Westside pool or water area without a parent or guardian age eighteen (18) or older. Resort pool temperature is set at 82˚F.

All members swim at their own risk while using the club pools. All children age 8 and under must be accompanied by parent.

To ensure a safe pool, no floats or rafts are permitted in the pools. Infants or toddlers may wear floats that are attached to swim wear. Arm floaties are allowed. Toys such as water guns, balls, etc. may obstruct the vision of the life guards and are not allowed on the pool decks at any time. Kickboards are only allowed in the Lap Pool and Adult Pool.

Westside does not permit jumping or diving from the poolside, nor sitting, climbing, jumping or diving from the rocks surrounding the pool (bridge included). In addition, the following pool policies are to be upheld: no glass containers; no running, horseplay, or rough play; no moving pool furniture; slide must be used in a sitting forward position, with only one child at a time; no profanity; no throwing balls in or around pool area.

Due to food and beverage health regulations, no outside food, beverage or coolers are allowed onto the club grounds.

No member may change into swimsuit attire poolside. Children are to be changed in the appropriate locker rooms or nursery prior to entering pool areas. Swimsuit tops are required poolside for all females and no “thong” swimsuits are allowed. Swimsuit attire is not permitted in the clubhouse, unless proper swimsuit covers or shirts, shorts and shoes are worn. All members and guests must be dry when entering the club facilities.

Parents are responsible for children with swim diapers and pull ups. Please be aware of the needs of the children and ensure proper restroom breaks, as it is a safety and sanitary issue for children to use the restroom in the pool. Please keep children without proper ability of potty training in the pool for very limited time or confined to the baby pool.

Family Zone

The Family Zone is our family-friendly facility with an indoor playground, video arcade games, six bowling lanes and our animal exhibits, including our fun Capuchin monkeys. No horseplay is allowed in the Family Zone and no food or drinks are allowed on the second (2nd) floor of this building.

Indoor Playground – For the safety of our children, height limit signs are posted at our playground. Children exceeding height requirements are not allowed on the playground. Socks are required on the playground at all times. The toddler area is for children three years and under only. No climbing on the outside or the netting of the playground is allowed.

Video Arcade Games – Games are available on a free-play basis. No kicking, hitting, or destruction of games is allowed. No drinks are allowed on video games. Remotes, ping-pong paddles, controllers and other items for playing games are available at the bowling counter. Membership cards are required for the check-out of equipment.

Bowling Lanes – Six full size regulation lanes are available with fees posted in the clubhouse and on the website. Shoes and bowling balls are provided. No destructive behavior is allowed on the bowing lanes. Food and beverage is allowed outside the lane area only.

Monkeys – Adorable Capuchin monkeys are available for interaction at posted times. The monkeys are people-friendly but are capable of biting. Monkeys do not carry rabies or other animal diseases but bites can hurt. During monkey experiences, jewelry, glasses, bracelets, watches, hair ornaments, electronic devices and earrings should be removed. Westside is not responsible for damage to any items and not liable for any injury or accidents that may occur during monkey experiences. Members and their dependents wanting a close-up hands-on interaction with the monkeys do so at their own risk.

Sports Zone

The Sports Zone at Club Westside is our adult and youth sports complex. This area is monitored by Club staff during designated hours, to ensure the safe enjoyment of these facilities by all members and guests. There is no check-in for children in this area. Rules are posted for all sports and activities. All rules will be strictly enforced and repeated offenses will result in termination of privileges in the area. Although a member may allow a dependent of any age to use the club unsupervised, it is the recommendation of the club that children under the age of eight (8) be accompanied by an adult or an older sibling. Children under the age of ten (10) must be accompanied by a parent to use the batting cages. Bats, helmets and balls are provided. Only club provided balls may be used in the batting cage machines. Membership cards must be presented to use baseball cages. Golf tee boxes are available for members of all ages, but to ensure safety in that area, members must bring their own golf equipment. Membership cards must be presented to use golf tee boxes and obtain golf balls.

Adult Areas

Designated adult areas of the club are provided for use of our members and their registered guests over the age of twenty-one (21). No children are allowed in the adult areas at any time. Adult areas are the adult pool, located at the front of the clubhouse, and the adult lounge area, including the entire upstairs area overlooking the indoor tennis courts. Signage is posted at all adult-only areas.

Locker Rooms

Lockers are available in various areas for use on a daily basis. Permanent lockers are available on a rental basis in designated locker rooms. Locker rental information is available through Member Services. Same sex children only are allowed in the locker room areas. Children under the age of eight (8) years old may use the restrooms located in the nursery and individual restrooms throughout the club if with the opposite sex parent. To change children of the opposite sex, please use family restrooms adjacent to the pools or the private changing area of the club nursery. Outdoor locker rooms and restrooms must be used when in swimwear.

Towel Service

Towels are available throughout the club for the use of members and guests while at the club. Please deposit towels after use in the designated towel bins throughout the club. Towels may not be removed from the club premises. Poolside towels are available at pools between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Tobacco Use

Club Westside is a tobacco-free facility. No smoking of any kind, nor use of smoke free tobacco products are allowed at any time on the premises.

Club Policy Enforcement

The Club Policies are adopted by and enforced by club management. Members are responsible for their own behavior, as well as the behavior of their dependents and guests. Management has the right to notify members of club policy infractions and take appropriate measures to ensure that the member or guest abides by club policies and rules. Repeated abuse of club policies and rules may result in termination of club membership. If a membership is terminated by the club, there is no refund of any club fees or dues.

Electronic Device Usage

Cell phones and electronics with camera devices are not allowerd in the Group Exercise studios, during tennis matches or in any locker room areas.


Cell phones and electronics with camera devices are not allowerd in the Group Exercise studios, during tennis matches or in any locker room areas.

Bicycles are to be parked in the available bike racks only.
Members are not allowed to use facilities for training, lessons or coaching by any outside individuals. Outside teams may not use club facilities for any type of practice.

Lost & Found

Westside is not responsible for items lost, stolen, or damaged items at the club. Lockers are provided throughout the club for members to use for valuables. All daily-use lockers are opened nightly and all contents removed to the front desk Lost and Found. Lost and Found items are held for only forty-eight (48) hours.


Club Westside makes all best efforts to provide a safe, secure environment for our members. We recommend that members not leave valuables in their cars. All club members entering facility must have valid membership cards scanned, including all occupants of an automobile.

Emergency Procedures

Members must notify the club staff and management in case of any medical emergency. Club Westside reserves the right to call emergency medical services for any illness or injury. Club Westside staff is not allowed to transport any member to a hospital or off of club property.


Club Westside provides parking in the north and south lots upon entering the club as well as adjacent to the athletic field. Designated handicapped parking is available as marked. Parking is not allowed in the circle drive. Erroneously parked vehicles may be tagged and/or towed at the owner’s expense. Please do not leave valuables in the car.